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Welcome to my WP Link Shield Review (v2.0)! Are you looking for useful information about WP Link Shield 2.0? Hope this website can provide you everything you need!

This is about WP Link Shield 2.0, updated version of the original WP Link Shield, with some new impressive functions. I really want to collect as many user reviews as possible, but this is a new product so till now not many people had the chance to try it. I’m going to share my experience first. All reviews will be updated soon!

If you want to check out the introduction from the creator and have the experience yourself, you may skip my review and go straight to the official page: http://wplinkshield.com/

WP Link Shield 2.0 Introduction

WP Link Shield 2.0 is a WordPress plugin that allows you to cloak your affiliate links and protects you from lost affiliate commissions. It has some cool features that other link cloakers lack. Losing affiliate commissions is a big deal, and you should check out all these great cloaking features. In summary, this is a useful tool for affiliate marketers.

Product name: WP Link Shield 2.0

Product type: WordPress plugin

Creator: Chris Hitman & Michael Thomas

Launch at: 10:00 ET June 11th, 2016

Official Video:

WP Link Shield 2.0 Features and One Time Offer

There are 3 brand new version in the funnel (honestly, I think the first version is good enough)

wp link shield 2.0

wp link shield pro

wp link shield viral

Why should you use WP Link Shield 2.0?

Chris & Michael found 8 HUGE COMMISSION LEAKS that are costing affiliates thousands of dollars right now:

1. 99% Link Cloakers Break Responsive sites
If you think you are protecting your links by link cloaking think again… 99% of cloakers break responsive sites – this is down to some very bad coding by most link cloakers

This is now the #1 reason for lost sales as 60% of us use mobile devices

2. Browser Switching
This is where users click on an affiliate link then switch browsers copying the new de-cloaked link that doesn’t deposit a cookie…you don’t get paid

3. De-Cloaked Referral Leaks
This is where visitors share the RAW link after they clicked an offer & it’s de-cloaked – 99% of affiliate links turn into RAW links after they are clicked – these links don’t cookie the browser & you don’t get paid

4. Social Blocking
This is where social sites block a domain & even block pages that contain links to the blocked resource …so even if you’ve done nothing wrong – you get blocked too

… & without the ability to post your links socially you don’t get paid…

Social sites now monitor the amount of links posted by each account… it’s very easy to get blocked.

5. Link Trust
This is where you post the RAW affiliate link or use a link shortening service which produces links that looks like garbage … this reduces visitor trust = less visitors = less sales.

6. Link Harvesting
Some offers contain exit pops with no other purpose than persuading your visitors to join the vendors list … this is a covert commission leak – reducing your chances of getting paid on that vendor’s future products.

7. Blank Social Metas
If you try & share a link on a social site with no meta description/images – they look worthless & boring – this reduces interest, clicks & commissions.

8. Bad Link Management
There’s no sense in pointing traffic to poor performing offers – your links must be re-routable at any time – using the right cloaker allows you to do that.

In a nutshell if you’re not cloaking links you are losing loads of money & if you are cloaking using inferior products you are losing money too

And here’s what WP Link Shield 2.0 does:

– It works perfectly with responsive sites (99% of other cloakers break mobile sites)
– It never displays the raw link in the browser unlike conventional cloakers
– It prevents commission loses through browser switching & link sharing
– It allows you to edit meta images & descriptions to maximize social clicks.
– It allows you to block exit pops
– It works flawlessly on all social media – many cloakers fail
– It makes your affiliate links look 100% natural increasing clicks
– It maintains your site branding with your choice of keywords
– It’s super easy to use

Demo video:

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